The Olympic Planetary Spirits

According to the Arbatel of Magic, The heavens were divided into 196 provinces That were ruled by 7 planetary angels. The angels each had a seal that could be inscribed on amulets for magick workings, as seen here:


Aratron (Saturn)

This angel ruled 49 provinces. Can change beasts and vegetables to stone, lead into gold, and possesses infinite knowledge. Knows the secrets of alchemy.

Bethor (Jupiter)

This angel ruled 42 provinces and could give wealth and the friendship of kings and important people.

Phaleg (Mars)

This angel ruled 39 provinces and could give dominion over others and victory in battle.

Och (Sun)

This angel ruled 28 provinces; Can heal the sich and change anything into gold and precious stones.

Hagith (Venus)

This angel ruled 21 provinces; Could turn copper to cold and gold to copper, and confer love and friendship unto the mage.

Ophiel (Mercury)

This angel ruled 14 provinces; Could turn quicksilver into a white stone and give speed and great knowledge.

Phul (Moon)

This angel ruled 7 provinces; Could change anything into silver, cure dropsy, and destroy evil water spirits.

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