The Seals of the Days of the Week

According to the Arbatel of Magic, The heavens were divided into 196 provinces That were ruled by 7 planetary angels. The angels each had a seal that could be inscribed on amulets for magick workings, as seen here:


Metatron (Kether)

This angel teaches the path leading to adepthood and will help you find a teacher or group to work with.

Tzaphqiel (Binah)

Has seen all and can reveal hidden truths. Can see through and detect untruths.

Tzadqiel (Chesed)

A wise ruler, he can help you in making important decisions and settle issues diplomatically. He can bring peace when you are facing a difficult decision.

Kamael (Geburah)

Can show you how to make up for bad karma and how to purify yourself in the incarnation. Can assist in getting justice served and helps with legitimate legal disputes.

Raphael (Tiphareth)

The Divine Physician will provide continued healing for you or another, if karma permits.

Haniel (Netzach)

The angel of love, harmony, and inspiration. Helps in matters of heart and in artistic endeavors.

Michael (Hod)

Provides physical protection. Can offer advice on evocation.

Gabriel (Yesod)

A peacemaker and teacher in the art of divination and scrying.

Sandalphon (Malkuth)

A heavenly guide, giving advice regarding communication with entities for elemental or planetary spheres. Gives advice on spiritual paths.

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