It is the stereotype of the traditional witch or wizard, fiddling about with candles, magic wands, incantations, and astrological charts and books. Is it really necessary? If so, why?

Ritual assists the witch or magician by setting the mind, body, and spirit in motion, focused towards the final result. The more energy one puts into planning an everyday project or task, the better the outcome. This is also the case with magick and spellcasting. Of course, different cases call for different types of preparation and focus. The mere act or preparing for a ritual creates and focuses personal power, so the more time and effort you put into the creation of your spell or work, the greater the chances your outcome will be success. Rituals and magickal tools will help with the focus. Even in an emergency when tools and books are not available and where one must perform a spell on the spot, there is a way to prepare and focus for magick.